The Programme provides several plans of investment.

  1. Investing in the purchase of government bonds for the amount not less than 2 million Euros .
  2. Investing in financial assets of Cypriot companies or Cypriot entities (debentures, securities, debt obligations registered and issued in the Republic of Cyprus) for the amount not less than 2 million Euros.
  3. Investing in the purchase of immovable property, construction of residential or non-commercial property or other infrastructure projects for the amount not less than 2 million Euros.
  4. Investing in the purchase, creation or participation in the share capital of companies located and operating in Cyprus. The obligatory condition is the actual presence of such companies in Cyprus and employment of, at least, five Cypriots.
  5. Deposits in any bank institution of Cyprus in the amount of 2 million Euros on such deposit account for the term of not less than 3 years, provided that the funds belong to the applicant, his/her company or trust registered in Cyprus, in which he/she is the ultimate beneficiary.
  6. The combination of the above mentioned criteria for the total amount of not less than 2 million Euros.
  7. Persons, whose deposits were subject to the “haircut” in Popular Bank, due to the measures adopted on 15 March 2013. If the frozen amount of such deposits is less than 3 million Euros, the applicant may make additional investments as per items 1 – 5 above, for the total amount to reach 5 million Euros.

Major terms:

  1. All the above investments must be in the property of the investor for not less than 3 years after the citizenship is obtained.
  2. An applicant must have a criminal or no criminal record reference letter.
  3. An applicant must own residential property in Cyprus for the amount of not less than 500 thousand Euros (VAT exclusive)

The approximate term for considering applications is 3 to 5 months.